The 10 Most Anticipated Hip Hop Albums Of 2012

Hip-Hop had a very strong year in 2011 as there were a number of landmark releases ranging from Phonte’s solo debut to Jay-Z and Kanye West’s ridiculously anticipated collaborative effort. This leads us to believe that 2012 should build upon the previous year with a batch of even stronger releases. The Well Versed takes a look at ten of the most anticipated albums of 2012 that have been openly discussed and should see the light of day.

10. Nas – Life Is Good

Nas is rhyming really good right now. Like, really REALLY good. “Nasty.” Blazed it. Common’s “Ghetto Dreams.” Blazed it. That other Carter IV joint Wayne wasn’t on. The one with Busta, Bun B, and a suddenly Rick Ross’d-voiced-Shyne. Blazed it. A Firm-era Nasir on Rozay’s “Triple Beam Dreams.” Blazed it. God’son is sounding for real for real. After a decade of kinda-concept albums, has QB’s finest finally traveled 360 degrees? Nasty Nas? Could that be you? – The Company Man

9. Jay Electronica – Act II

ay elect-who? You mean the guy from that ill Just Blaze beat…watchamacallit…”Exhibit C”? That guy’s got an album coming in 2012? The dude from the Mountain Dew commercial during the NBA Finals?? Word???? Seriously, the Roc Nation signee has lived in anticipation mode so long that it’s a wonder fans can even name his joints. In early 2010, the Jay Electronica’s impassioned rhymes and malleable delivery captivated Hip-Hop. If Act II does surface in 2012, expect a slew of Game-level name dropping, dexterous Islamic references, and a waterfall of lyrical imagination. – The Company Man

8. Slaughterhouse – Welcome To: Our House

Joe Budden. Joell Ortiz. Royce Da 5’9. Crooked I. That combination alone is enough to warrant interest from the most devoted lovers of pure lyricism. Now throw in some top-notch production on a project that’s being helmed under the Shady 2.0 initiative, and you can’t help but anticipate the project. We all know that if you tell these four to just go in a booth and just rap, they’d leave us with quotable for days. Now it’s time to see what they can do when given a platform to truly shine, under the direction of one of Hip Hop’s best. – Esau Howard

7. Rick Ross – God Forgives, I Don’t

Rozay! The Maybach Music maven is riding high off his new signee’s group album pushing solid numbers, making Wale relevant again and releasing another trill ass mixtape in the form of “Rich Forever”. And, despite the health scare that nearly iced the mogul late in 2011 he seems to be back and better than ever. What, with God Forgives and I Don’t slated to come out in the first quarter as well as another Maybach Group album on the way in 2012 you can understand why there’s no time off for the Boss. – Andre Grant

6. Pusha T – TBA

Coming off his appearances on Kanye’s G.O.O.D. Friday series and his memorable “Runaway” performance (on stage and on wax), hardcore Pusha T fans began to crave for his first solo project. They got a lot of what they wanted last year when he dropped his first mixtape “Fear Of God.” Now, after the commercial release of the EP Fear of God II: Let Us Pray and the upcoming G.O.O.D. Music compilation album, Pusha is now in position to release his first album. – Calvin Davis

 5. Big K.R.I.T. – Live From The Underground

In two years, Big K.R.I.T. has released two flat out masterpieces in 2010′s Krit Wuz Here and 2011′sReturn of 4eva. With those two albums still banging in the headphones, fans have been craving Krit’s official debut, Live From The Underground for over a year, awaiting more of his soulful production and audio gems. If Live From The Underground lives up to expectations, it could be a candidate 2012 album of the year. – Nene Wallace Reed

 4. Lupe Fiasco – Food & Liquor 2

Uh oh, we’ve been here before. It seems as if the moment Fiasco Fanatics were about to forget Lasersexisted and officially begin Food & Liquor II’s countdown conversations, Lupe let’s loose that Atlantic Records is stalling…again. It took 18-months worth of painful gamesmanship on both sides just to get Wasulu’s previous project in stores—culminating in a creative compromise that yielded another Gold plaque and double Platinum single for the Chicago native. If F&L II comes lathered in Pop-swill likeLasers, the real fiasco could be Lupe’s dwindling fan base. If not, it could be some classic Lupe. Which one will it be?  – The Company Man

3. Jay-Z & Kanye West – Watch The Throne 2

Overhyped or underwhelming were some of the criticisms thrown at Hov and ‘Ye’s Watch The Thronealbum. For good reason because expectations were ridiculously high for this super team up between two of hip-hop’s biggest stars. No matter how high (or how low) you rated it in your personal mic system, WTT didn’t live up to the world changing expectations bestowed on it. However, the duo has had time to build some more chemistry and we’re quite sure that some songs have been concocted during their tour. Are we sure it will happen? No, but Jay-Z did allude to it in an interview late last year. Considering that both artists have admitted that they are in “Throne Mode” we figure that this probably will go down later this year. – Andreas Hale

 2. G.O.O.D. Music Compilation

The anticipation for this was set the moment Kanye West tweeted to the world that a GOOD Music album was on the way. With a roster that boasts Big Sean, Pusha T, John Legend, Mos Def, and the Louis Vuitton Don himself among others, this project is by all means an event. The label is beaming with talent, and we all know Mr. West has a lot of friends so it’s no telling who else will be invited to this feature party. If the much-loved GOOD Fridays Series Kanye ran back in 2010 was any indication, then the Hip Hop World is in for a treat. – Esau Howard

 1. Kendrick Lamar – Good Kid In A Mad City

Born and raised in California’s most notorious city of Compton where drugs, gang activity, and violence are apparent, Kendrick Lamar has found a way to use his music to send a message of hope and respect in a dark place. In his own words, Lamar considers himself to be a “good kid in a mad city,” and he credits his father for influencing him not to get involved with the negativity. Lamar earned much respect from his Section.80 project (2011) which also is a reflection of his experiences, essentially proving that he is a serious new talent. Fans can be for certain that he will continue to grow and satisfy with his expected Good Kid in a Mad City (2012), which includes songs that the rapper wrote in his youth. In an interview with Lu Parker from the Huffington Post, Lamar says, “When I say these words, hopefully I can change something whether it’s a person or the neighborhood; it can start with just a small word out the mouth.” – Kailyn Brown











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