Rumor: Omarion & Ma$E To Possibly Sign To MMG?

Omarion and Ma$e have reappeared on the rap scene, with photos surfacing of them in the studio with French Montana & Rick Ross.

We recently got some photos of both Omarion and Ma$e in the studio with Rick Ross.

Now a reliable source in the Maybach Music Group tells The Source thatOmarion may be signing to MMG, “Yes, I think its safe to say Omarion is MMG.”

He also touched on the possibility of Ma$e signing a deal with MMG, “I don’t want to let no cats out the bag but we’ll see what’s good with Ma$e.” He added, “As far as newest members Omarion and shout out to Ma$e if he wants to get down with this movement then we’ll see what happens.”

However, last we heard about Ma$e, he still had contractual obligations with Diddy at Bad Boy Records. Although back in 2009 Diddy signed Ma$e’s release forms for Bad Boy Records, it only allowed the former pastor to appear on songs with artists from other labels, it did not end his contractual obligations completely. But, then again, Diddy manages/has a close connection to Rick Ross, so who knows what’s going on there.

We’ll keep you updated when more details become available.


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