Juelz Santana Sentenced To 2 Years Probation For Threatening Neighbor

In Conversation With The Diplomats - The Making Of "Diplomatic Immunity"

Juelz Santana comeback to the rap game could have hit a hitch recently as he has been sentenced to two years probation for threatening his neighbor. Apparently, Santana’s neighbor saw the rapper beating his girlfriend and so he stepped in and called the New Jersey police. Since then, he claims that Juelz has been threatening him, and he had to move, which caused undue hardship on his personal life.

Cliff View Pilot has the records which show the neighbor saying that the Diplomats rapper “threatened me with death,” and was going to “kill me.” In court, the God Will’n rapper reached a plea in order to avoid going to prison.

He faced three charges, one was the allegation for attacking his girlfriend and mother of his child, the other was for threatening the neighbor who intervened. Santana pleaded guilty to a single third-degree count of threatening the neighbor, and was put on probation.

When giving the ruling, Superior Court Judge James Guida said, “Probation would be a positive factor for the defendant, and incarceration an excessive hardship.”


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