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Drake Promises Different Direction For Third Album

Drake will be taking a different direction for his third album. According to MTV, Drizzy’s relocation to Los Angeles has him thinking a different approach for his next LP.

“There’s just so much going on for me in the U.S. that I recently made the move to L.A.,” Drizzy told MTV. “It’s a new atmosphere, getting to know new people. It’s going to be a very interesting album.

“”I think that my mood will be reflected in the tempos that I choose for the music,” Drake added of his next LP during a conference call earlier in the week. “A lot of Take Care, it’s down, a lot of it’s down and I think a lot of that had to do with being back home in Toronto and getting reacquainted with the life I had before and the difficulties of that, but at the same time trying to express excitement and trying to express joy.”

A lot of his sophomore album, Take Care, took on a slower even more somber tone, but Drizzy promises a 180-degree turn for this project.

“Now I’m kind of in a very, very, very, very different place than I’ve ever been,” the YMCMB star. “I think it will be conceptually one of the best projects that I’ve ever worked on because there’s so many new things going on in my life. Everybody knows when it’s new, that’s when I thrive.”

Previously, Drake revealed that he has recorded songs with Meek Mill and 2 Chainz, two of the artists included on his Club Paradise Tour.

WIZ KHALIFA: Open to Working With Kanye

After hearing about Kanye West‘s “respect” for him on “Way Too Cold,” Wiz Khalifa says he might be open to working with Yeezy. He tells MTV that it’s about the art. “That’s what [us working together would be] all about, though — the culture and the creativity factor.”

We’re left to wonder, though — how would Amber feel about it?

New Music: Nas- Daughters

Nas’ new album Life is Good will drop on July 17 this year. It’s been a long time; it’s been years since I released a solo studio album, so this record is everything,” Nas told MTV News in March. “This is everything that I’ve got to say — I guess you’ve got to live a little and you put that in your music, so it’s coming from my life.”

Drake Reveals Collabs w/ Meek Mill & 2 Chainz

During a conference call earlier today, Drake speaks on collaborating with his Club Paradise tourmates. Stating that he’s made sure to record a track with everybody that’s performing.

I have very strong alliances with these guys that are on this tour with me. I guess it’s safe to say now that anybody that I didn’t have a song with before, I have a song with now. I made sure of that… Along with this tour, fans are also going to get some exciting musical material that will probably end up dropping a few days before the tour, so that we can perform it on tour… I want to go out on tour with the most exciting artists right now, and I want to make sure that I have songs with all of them. If we start getting into it and we start really vibing, maybe the last few nights, it’s a collaboration show, maybe we do all of our songs onstage together.

So with having In The Morning w/ J. Cole, Round Of Applause w/ Fozzie and Stay Schemin’ w/ French (and Rick Ross of course), that means Meek Mill and 2 Chainz are left. Shouts to MTV on the audio.

2 CHAINZ: Working With Kanye for the Past Year

Don’t be surprised if you hear a 2 Chainz – Kanye West collaboration — the two have been working together for the past year. Chainz tells MTV, “It’s no secret that I came from the hustler background, and it’s no secret that he [has] more of a hipster swag. So I think it’ll be interesting when you just drop that in the pot.”

And in other Kanye news…

If you were a fan Kanye West‘s short-film Runaway, you’re in for a treat, because he’s reportedly shooting another concept project, this one set in the Middle East.According to the New York Observer, ‘Ye has sent staff to the Persian Gulf to scout locations and figure out the legalities of a possible shoot next month. The aim and plot of the story are still under wraps, but one source says, “Kanye is looking to bridge the cultural divide and break misconceptions.”